Russell & Lea Inc's Annual Cancun Retreat is Upon Us

Russell & Lea Inc's yearly R&R retreat promises major rewards for the firm's top performers. The company's Director of Operations discussed the trip and the hidden benefits of traveling with teammates.

The Russell & Lea Inc office is buzzing with excitement for the upcoming retreat to Cancun from Oct. 13-16. Top producers will be chosen to attend this prestigious tropical gathering, which brings together some of the most successful people in the event-based marketing industry. The company’s Director of Operations explained that the retreat has a different location every year, with Cancun an ideal setting for rewarding team members’ hard work throughout 2019. The trip is also a great way for top performers to get inspired for the end-of-year push.

As an all-expenses-paid trip, the R&R retreat is something team members work all year to earn. The Director noted that the getaway is packed with fun social events, relaxing on the beach, and dancing the night away under swaying palm trees. Those who qualify will have plenty of time to unwind and reflect on the success they’ve achieved over the past year.

The Cancun retreat will also be an unmatched networking opportunity. Hundreds of eligible leaders are going to be attending, so Russell & Lea Inc’s standout brand advocates will be able to add valuable contacts in a laid-back setting. The Director added that the firm’s selected team members will also build stronger bonds among themselves while they make the most of the exotic atmosphere.

Russell & Lea Inc’s Director of Operations on the Career-Boosting Benefits of Travel

There are many positive outcomes of an excursion such as the Cancun retreat. Along with new contacts and fresh insights from other high achievers, business travelers benefit their careers by venturing away from the home office.

Getting out of comfort zones is one key aspect of travel that makes it worthwhile. The Director explained that routines are generally good, but can sometimes get in the way of creative thinking. When team members earn their way to fun trips like the Cancun retreat, they get fresh outlooks that help them see greater possibilities. These new perspectives might emerge from the setting itself or from being surrounded by so many creative and successful people. Either way, the benefits around the Russell & Lea Inc office are real.

The Director added that traveling can also make people better leaders by strengthening their adaptive skills. There are often unexpected changes to the schedule during trips, and learning to adjust on the fly can be an important avenue for leadership growth.

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