Russell & Lea Inc Invited to Las Vegas for Exclusive Retreat

Select Russell & Lea Inc brand advocates received an invitation to attend a rest and relaxation retreat in Las Vegas. The schedule of events was discussed, along with the benefits of business travel.

For the past year, top Russel & Lea Inc producers have been working toward an invite to an exclusive R&R Retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada. Only the best of the best from around the world were asked to attend, as the standards for getting in were very high. Those who got the nod have been the most dedicated to continual learning, the most resilient when it came to overcoming challenges, and the most selfless when it came to developing other team members in their respective firms, and of course, their own results were exceptional as well.

Brand advocates chosen to represent Russell & Lea Inc at the retreat are very excited to unwind at the resort hotel where the conference is taking place and enjoy some of Vegas’ legendary hospitality. The idea of exploring the area has team members enthused as well. While the city has a well-earned reputation for grown-up fun, there are plenty of ways for people to enjoy themselves. Thrill seekers will be sure to check out the Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York and the Desperado, one of the tallest roller coasters in the country.

The weekend will include more than just lounging around; there will be chances to connect with like-minded peers from a variety of markets, along with seminars and workshops that cover the latest techniques being used in the field. 

Also, there will be a posh awards ceremony as part of the weekend, where high achievers will be recognized for reaching significant milestones over the last year. This is sure to be inspiring, because those who earn awards will have a chance to talk about the circumstances they overcame to reach their goals. What’s more, attendees will see first-hand the amount of financial opportunity available to a dedicated event-based marketing professional.

The Most Important Reason for the Russell & Lea Inc Travel Program: Networking

The Russell & Lea Inc learning system goes beyond job training and teaches executive skills like networking. By sending team members on trips like the Vegas rest and relaxation retreat, the firm’s associates have a chance to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use. Large professional networks are vital for success in the digital age; they provide access to career wisdom that no one person could gain by themselves, and an awareness of the best practices being used by industry leaders. Networking is the secret to staying on the cutting edge in any business, and by encouraging brand advocates to build their connection bases, Russell & Lea Inc leaders are ensuring that the firm remains a frontrunner in on-site promotions. 

About Russell & Lea Inc: 

Russell & Lea, Inc. is an experiential marketing company that's proud to offer innovative campaigns that help established and fledgling entrepreneurs to get their products into teeming trading spaces. Our company helps such businesses to achieve a high profile and a reputation for quality. We're like personal cheerleaders for your brand thanks to our qualified and enthusiastic ambassadors. With a strong sense of who we are, the journey for Russell & Lea, Inc. so far has been thrilling. We have surpassed expectations for our clients and helped the brightest lights in the industry to establish their own businesses and train others. Never content with our current position, we're constantly looking for new ways to wow consumers in campaigns, new territories to enter and novel techniques for working better as a team and being as productive as possible. Russell & Lea, Inc. offers services you can count on.

Source: Russell & Lea Inc