Russell and Lea Inc.
Russell and Lea Inc.
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Industry: Business

Founded: 2017


With a focus on a wide range of industries, from beauty and personal care to cleaning products, we offer in-person marketing services that give customers the opportunity to see, feel and touch the products they want to buy. Coupled with introductory prices and friendly brand ambassadors, we create a comfortable setting for purchasing products that yields high conversion rates.


Through thought-provoking campaigns, we aim to turn heads in areas that are flooded with shoppers. We use cutting-edge tools for presenting products and explain unique selling points in a distinct and fun way. Offering service with a smile, Russell & Lea, Inc. aims to make consumers feel truly special – something that's difficult to achieve in a large store or in an online marketplace.


Russell & Lea, Inc. campaigns are exceptional because of our ability to promote emerging and national brands, distribute them to new markets and make every client’s business more profitable. For every dollar spent with our campaigns, we want to provide great value for money and healthy growth.